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Ronno is the secondary antagonist in the 1942 Disney movie Bambi and the main antagonist of the movie's prequel Bambi II. He is a deer, who is very arrogant, a snob, and just downright mean. In the first film, he is unnamed (although Walt Disney referred to him as Ronno during production) and has no lines, but is expressed through ominous music (Just like Man, the main antagonist of the movie). He is shown near the end, when Bambi and Faline first fall in-love, when all of the sudden, a deer and starts to fight Bambi. Even though he has no lines, it is clear that he wants to kill Bambi and win the heart of Faline. However, Bambi is able to throw Ronno over a cliff, making him fall into the water below.

In the second film, Ronno is given a name, and is shown as a fawn, and is given much more personality than in the previous film.

Ronno is voiced Anthony Ghannam in the second film.