King Richard

King Richard is a minor character from "Robin Hood". He is a lion with a mane and the king of England and the older brother of Prince John. He is the uncle of Maid Marian, though she is a fox and he is a lion (obviously made that way as a gag due to the real King Richard's real name being Richard the Lionheart). He had been hypnotized by John's royal advisor Sir Hiss to go off into a crusade so John could tax the English paupers and rule as the richest individual in England. He isn't seen, only spoken of, until the last scene, in which he jokes to Friar Tuck that he now has an outlaw for an inlaw when Marian marries Robin Hood. He is voiced by Peter Ustinov, who also voiced Prince John. Although he voiced John in the German dub, he doesn't do King Richard's German voice.