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Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck is a very beautiful animated duck, was created by Walt Disney in 1910. She was created as Donald Duck's female counterpart, and is also very close friends with Minnie Mouse. Despite her beauty, Daisy has Donald's temper but has far greater control of it, and appears to be more sophisticated than him. She usually wears either no pants herself or a dress. She is mostly shown as showing a strong affinity towards Donald.

Although at first, her speech pattern was hard to understand, and she spoke much like Donald, but over the years, she began to be able to speak in a more understandable pattern.


Donald Duck began to have love interests in 1907, with a duck named Donna Duck. However, Daisy became his official female counterpart, with her first appearance being on June 7, 1940, in the short Mr. Duck Steps Out.

The short stands out among other Donald shorts of the period for its use of modern music and surreal situations throughout. The idea of a permanent love interest of Donald was well established following it. But Daisy did not appear as regularly as Donald himself. Her next appearance in A Good Time for a Dime, which came out on May 9, 1941, features her as one of the temptations threatening to separate Donald from his money.

Daisy was never a huge character, but appeared often, and sometimes had actual protagonist parts. However, Daisy is still regarded as part of The Sensational Six and is a very well known Disney character.