Colonel Hathi is a supporting character from the 1967 Disney animated movie The Jungle Book. He is an Indian elephant, who is the leader of a herd of Indian elephants, and he runs the herd similarly to a military squadron. Every day from dawn, Hathi has his unwilling herd march all over the jungle. Hathi also has a mate called Winifred and a son named Hathi Jr.

Hathi is portrayed as a pompous, buffoonish, stereotypical British soldier. He is stubborn and short-tempered. Hathi can be petty at times, criticizing one elephant for having dust in his trunk and another for smiling too widely. Also, he believes himself to have an excellent memory due to the saying that "an elephant never fo, despite his frequent forgetfulness. This is a satire on the common belief that an elephant has an amazing memory.

Haithi was voiced by the late J. Pat O'Malley in the first film and by Jim Cummings in the sequel.